Due to inclement weather, Johnston-Edgefield-Trenton (J-E-T) Middle School had to postpone its Open House until October 2. In preparation, the J-E-T staff has been hard at work determining how to make this time as meaningful and worthwhile as possible. The teachers have really been digging into data on their students to figure out how to help them the most, and everyone is in agreement that this is not a matter for the teachers alone. The parents are an essential part of the students’ education and need to be informed, as well.

So, Open House at J-E-T will be a little different this year. Unlike past years when parents would follow their children’s schedules and visit each of their children’s teachers to learn what the teachers’ procedures and expectations were, this year each student’s team of core teachers will all meet in one location with their students’ parents to discuss the data that will be driving their classroom instruction. The teachers will lead the parents through a presentation about what MAP, SCREADY, and SCPASS scores mean for their children and where their children stand academically.

Seventh grade math teacher Meredith Burnett commented on the new format of Open House by saying, “We know parents are so busy with their lives that it is possible they are unaware of whether their children are reaching their fullest potential in the classroom. We all want the students to do their best, and it takes a team effort to make sure that’s happening for each child.”

The J-E-T staff looks forward to meeting all parents on October 2, sharing the information they’ve been studying, and working with them throughout the rest of the year to ensure the success of their students.

Photo caption: J-E-T teachers get excited about data discussion

Pictured from left to right: Pamela Bates, Patricia Moseley, Jay Torgesen, Angelyn Dorn, Donald Barnhart, Robert Khakee, Kristen Bryan, Jennifer Butler, Oscar Stevens, Christy Caldwell

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