J-E-T Receives Foundation Grant

Create! Communicate! Collaborate! is the title of a grant designed by Johnston-Edgefield-Trenton (J-E-T) Middle School master teacher Carolyn Gilchrist. The purpose of her project is to engage sixth grade students in a problem-based learning environment by creating a digital-rich classroom. Students learned grade-level content in all classes while building collaborative skills. Mrs. Gilchrist stated, “The motivation factor alone is amazing because using technology increases engagement from all students, regardless of their interests or abilities.”

Without the support of organizations like the Foundation for Public Schools in Edgefield County, teachers and students would not have the opportunity or funding necessary to create learning environments for this generation of digital learners. Technology levels the playing field so that educators can differentiate learning based on students’ needs.  With limited availability and the need for building collaboration and communication skills in students at an all-time high, having technology is a way to meet many needs in one setting.

Learning to use technology can also help in preparing students for life after graduation. By providing students with a greater access to technology, one device for every four students, J-E-T will enable all students to build literacy and computer skills in innovative ways.  Numerous students agreed that using technology makes learning much more exciting and interactive. They get to work together and still learn what they need to know.

The plan is to start with sixth grade and move this project up to each grade level as this group of students move through the school.


Pictured from left to right: Isabella Ellis and Jenna English