On Tuesday, October 17, students in all grades at Johnston-Edgefield-Trenton (J-E-T) Middle School were treated to a musical performance by chorus students attending the South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities as part of a tour of state elementary and middle schools. Prior to the visit and thanks to J-E-T guidance counselor Tara Rutland, a representative of the school came to speak to J-E-T’s eighth graders about what their programs were like and how they could attend during their high school years. There is an application process and students must audition. Only the top students in the state are chosen for the areas of band, chorus, drama, dance, the visual arts, or writing. If selected, the students will live on the school’s campus while attending, usually for their junior and senior years of high school. The Governor’s School is a public school, so students who attend will earn a diploma just like any other public school student but will do so while honing a skill at which they would like to excel.

Sixth grade teacher Shirley Tillman reported that all the students she had around her during the performance really enjoyed it. The students performed songs from various time periods and genres, even including a selection from Les Miserables. Eighth grade teacher Shannon Densmore agreed that the performance was very inspiring to many of her students and served as motivation, learning that this was an opportunity available to them too. One student, eighth-grader Taylor Brown, was particularly moved. She said, “As a choir student for the past three years, the Governor’s School coming to J-E-T was an amazing experience. For years I’ve dreamed of going to an art school and thought I would have to wait until college, but their performance inspired me to audition for that school.”

Photo caption: J-E-T students and faculty captivated by Governor’s School performance

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