Johnston-Edgefield-Trenton (J-E-T) Middle School held another successful “Cookies and Canvases” event Wednesday, October 11. At this event, J-E-T art teacher Avis Tuttle guides those in attendance through a step-by-step process of painting an image onto a pre-cut wooden figure using acrylic paints in a multitude of colors. The figure painted this night was a scarecrow that can be hung from doors or placed on front porches or in yards. The event began at six p.m. and lasted around three hours. A fee was charged to cover the cost of the wooden cut-outs, the paints, the brushes, and the refreshments.

Aspiring artists of all ages participated in painting. There was a relaxed atmosphere, and Tuttle had jazz music playing softly in the background. The treats were homemade and included far more than just cookies. Sweet tea and water were available, as well. Tuttle led a demonstration of each step and then assisted anyone who needed individual help. Eighth grade social studies teacher Christy Caldwell brought her daughters to paint and volunteered to help Tuttle by passing out materials while she was there. This was her first Cookies and Canvases event at J-E-T, and she stated, “Cookies and Canvases was a unique way to enjoy an evening of fine art and good company. It was laid-back and fun.” Tuttle enjoys being able to teach people of all ages and share her love of art and painting, and she hopes that J-E-T will continue to hold many more Cookies and Canvas nights in the future.

Photo caption: Artists of all ages focus on their masterpieces


Students pictured from left to right:

Back row: Rita Luther, Elena Medlin

Front row: Gabby Courtney, Aubrey Vaughn, Lonelle Strom

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